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Interim Management

Accompany And Steer Projects

Are you looking for competent support? For the implementation of a specific project?

I am very curious and know how to approach problems in a structured and analytical way.

I would be happy to help you with the realization of a precisely outlined project. And I like to get involved in new things, if fun and the prospect of success beckon.

Analytical. Structured.

I appreciate precise analysis and a structured approach. And I am convinced that aesthetics and elegance are often the direct result of inherent order. My strengths include being able to quickly grasp structures and easily identify weak points.



I am looking forward to interesting projects and challenges.

All-rounder. Seen a lot.

For almost 35 years I was a passionate freelancer in IT infrastructure. With a penchant for beautiful solutions. Elegant and functional.

I can organize in a purposeful way. And I find projects in the environment of culture(s), architecture, art and technology appealing.

Besides German as my mother tongue, I speak English and French fluently, and my Polish is getting better and better.

Let's team up!

For my work we will find an individual fee that suits the type and duration of the commitment and the assigned responsibility.